How To Take Your Offline Business Online? (Very Basic Stuff)

You sell products from your shop, a small cart at a mall or a stall at the night market. Probably you have a restaurant or you offer services be it from your own dedicated premise or by going to your customer’s homes.

But then you realise that selling your stuff or services is a struggle. So you decided to take your offline business to the net. You want to start selling online but you have no idea on how to go about doing it.

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There are many easy ways to start your business online. Don’t be overwhelmed with the technical and tactical parts and let that be a hindrance for you to start doing it. Here I’d like to share with you three (yes only 3!) simple steps to make your business have an online presence so that it’ll be easier for your customers or potential customers to find you.


First you must have a name of your business. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a name of your LLC or as in Malaysia your registered enterprise or Sdn. Bhd. entity. But it must have a unique name that reflects the nature of business so that it’ll be easier for new customers to identify what does your business offer.

Secondly, you must have a clear cut description of what your business sells and the services that you offer. This will further provide a direct to the point explanation of your business to your customer from the moment they set eyes on your social media accounts or website.

For example, your registered company’s name can be Starstruck Sdn. Bhd. but your business name is Starstruck Media. A simple description of the business could be “We are the digital marketing agency that brings out the uniqueness of your brand that can boost sales online”.


It is best if your account names or handles are registered on all of the top social media platforms which are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Business (if you have business premise). But if it seems all too much for you to handle, then register at least a Facebook page, Instagram business account and a Twitter account.

Make sure that all of the account names or handles are the same in order to create uniformity. Besides, by registering with the exact same names it will create ubiquitous presence of your business brand on the internet and it will be easier to be found in future.


Each of the social media platforms have different nuances and it is better to design special types of contents for each of them. As a start, make one account as the main account of putting out content about your business.Then just reshare the contents on the rest of your social media accounts.

Remember, these contents need to bring value to your customers and it’s not only about selling your products. The objective is to build trust and a long term relationship with your customers.

It will take time but definitely will pay off if you are consistent. Just start doing and keep going because along the way you will understand how it works. By doing, along the way  you will start learning how to strategize further for your online marketing.



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