How To Choose The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business

According to Gary Vee who is a reknowned social media expert, businesses should put out content as much as possible to stay ahead in the market. Based on his content strategy, Gary takes the approach of bombarding valuable contents on 7-10 social media platforms available.

If you’re a new online entrepreneur or solopreneur, creating content consistently every single day might be a bit overwhelming for you. No worries! Just start focusing on creating on one platform first.

To make things easy for you, I’d offer two levels of consideration. If you’re on an advanced phase then skip Level One. Choose whichever suits you best. Do things that are most convenient for you. But most importantly is that you must be CONSISTENT on creating content.

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Level One: Ask yourself, which platform are you most familiar with and you’re most active? Then choose that one particular platform to create, create, create. Keep going like a juggernaut.

Level Two: If you have very active accounts on two or three platforms, then you can start deliberating on your customers. There are at least 2 aspects that you’d need to consider to choose which social avenue would you like to spend more time on to promote your business:-

  1. The customer’s age range: The age factor is really important for you to know because most users between the age of 24-40 years are on instagram and those aged 35 years and above would still prefer Facebook. Well, this applies at least in the Malaysian market.
  2. Interest: Knowing what interests your customers would help you to strategize the kind of content that would entice your customers on your social media platforms.



It is also important to know your strength. Are you brilliant in writing or do you feel great talking in front of a camera? Okay… if you love writing then take unique pictures and post with interesting written stories on your business instagram or Facebook Page. Take it as a mini-blog. Value is key. Remember that.

But if you prefer speaking then start creating videos and post them on IGTV. From a long video you can select the best portion that suits as a teaser and post them on instastories or post feed. But it would be way better if you would upload it again on your YouTube channel.

So choosing your business platform is not as difficult as you imagined after all, eh? I hope this will give you something new and it’d encourage you to start getting your business online. Good luck!



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