Why Aren’t People Buying From Me?

You’ve got a new product. Your stocks are ready and you can’t wait to share its benefits to your potential customers.But when you start selling, turns out nobody is buying or only a few people bought the items.

Have you ever experienced this? So what went wrong?

white and blue crew neck t shirt
Photo by Atul Choudhary on Pexels.com

There could be various factors that you could reexamine in your business. Ask yourself these questions:-

1. Does your product have a brand that clearly makes it unique?

2. If you are a seller online, do you have a personal brand that enables people to recognise and trust to buy from you? Having a personal brand for a business would give it a human face which allows people to connect wth your business emotionally. In the end, we are dealing with human beings after all.

3. Is your product really effective or useful? If it is, then have you put out your testimonials for your potential customers see the proof on how good the product is. Also, prior testing to a group of customers and acquiring feedback would enable you to identify whether the product is really good and needed by your customers or not.

4. Do you have a marketing funnel? Nowadays, direct selling or hardselling would immediately turn off customers. By having a marketing funnel, you are able to attract the right customers in the first place and with the right strategies you will be able to close sales easily.

So, by answering these questions, it will make it easier for you to rectify your weaknesses and devise a better strategy to market your products.

Remember to answer those questions honestly. And it doesn’t end there. Seek the opinions of people who’ve done business before and not simply just anyone around you. Find the right people to be your mentor.

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